Wendy Cockcroft of Interserve.com Tries to Censor the Internet:

Wendy Cockcroft is trying to cover up that she took my money and threatened to set her powerful internet friends on me

This is complaint another victim wrote on pissedconsumer.com. It has been removed because Wendy Cockcroft threatened them that her powerful internet friends would attack their business:

Wendy Cockcroft vomits all over the internet about free speech but I made a legitimate complaint and Pissed Consumer removed it. I am trying to stop others being conned by Wendy Cockcroft of Manchester, UK. This is my complaint:

I employed Wendy Cockcroft to help me put together a website for my new business. I don’t know a lot about the technical aspects of websites and she assured me that she could help me get it set up and running as well as design a targeted social media campaign to advertise my product. Ms Cockcroft said that her rates were reasonable and they were cheaper than others that were quoted to me. I knew that she works full time as a helpdesk administrator for the company interserve.com and I was worried that she may not be able to meet our agreed timelines. Ms Cockcroft said that if she was pressed for time she would just take a couple of sick days from her job as help desk administrator at interserve.com to finish the job because they were paid anyway. I paid her half upfront for the work with an agreement to pay her the other half when finished. I know now that I should have not agreed to pay her in cash but she offered me a good discount for cash and when starting a business every penny counts.

It did take Wendy Cockcroft longer than she stated to build my website but she assured me that I would be happy with the results. When I saw the website I was shocked. It looked amateurish and my product logo was turned into a cartoon. In fact, the whole website looked like it was a cartoon setting. This was not the business profile that I wanted to display and I told her that I wanted her to start from the beginning and produce a more elegant design to match my business strategy. I responded that she should either redesign the website and when I was happy with the job I would pay her the other half of the money that we agreed. Ms Cockcroft said that she had done the work and I should pay her because everyone takes advantage of her hard working ethos and she does not get the credit that she deserves for her significant talents. Although the agreed payment was lower than other quotes it was still a substantial amount and a large chunk out of my start up budget and I told her this.

Ms Cockcroft suddenly became very angry and threatened to ruin my business before it started. She said that she was in with a very influential group of people on a technical blog who would write about me and many other people would comment. She said this would mean that my reputation would be ruined and it would remain at the top of Google. Wendy Cockcroft refused to refund my money, refused to re-do the work and threatened to destroy my business and personal reputation before it even started. I am so worried that she will carry out her threats. I have worked to develop my product and the thought that someone with such power on the internet and who has a vendetta against me could destroy all my hard work and there is nothing that I can do is causing me a lot of distress. I looked around the web and Wendy Cockcroft certainly seems to know how to spread information. I have lot a lot of money and I may lose my fledgling business. Thank goodness that I found this website. I only hope that if and when I can finally launch my business potential customers read my complaint.

Wendy Cockcroft not only ripped off my money she is threatening to destroy my business and it looks like she knows how to do this. I don?t know what to do now. I believe she is associated with powerful people on the internet and she has 3 thousand pounds of my money.